Born on the moon, raised on Mars, stuck on Earth, reaching for the Stars

These are the words tattooed on the chest of an artist whose career has been spent looking for himself. A career that was born in darkness but, through a journey of self exploration, introspection and acceptance, found its way to a brighter tomorrow.

At the end of 2016, this Canadian/Nigerian artist, who at the time went by the artist persona VOYCE*, found himself ready for change. Through the span of 4 albums, ‘Alone in A Crowd’, ‘Hidden in Plain Sight’, ‘Lords of Gemini’ and ‘Prelude in MAJOR minor’, he had explored a heaviness in his soul, one that manifested after the passing of his mother in 2010.

The VOYCE* Saga

Through the creation and release of those bodies of work, he was able to free himself from the darkness that had consumed him.

In 2017, after taking a musical hiatus, he resurfaced with a new name, Stephen Voyce.

Shot by Philippe Daaboul

The change signified more than just a rebranding, but a paradigm shift in the way he identified as an artist, and a person. This would become apparent with the release of his first single, ‘Summer Lust’, which launched in 2018 under his new name.

Cover Art by FH Studio

‘Summer Lust’ was a departure from his previous songs. In it fans began to hear elements in his sound that were influenced from his childhood icon, Michael Jackson. He fused his R&B roots with pop/funk undertones, a styling that he has continued to explore since. Suddenly he was creating from more than just a place of pain, he was creating with the passion and joy of self expression; he rediscovered the very essence that drew him towards music in the first place.

It is around this time that his music caught the attention of music icon CeeLo Green who had expressed interest in signing Stephen to his label. Unfortunately this wouldn’t come to pass due to contractual misalignments, however Voyce remains hopeful that both artists will one day work together.

Since then, Stephen has continued to evolve musically. In songs like ‘Funk Me Up With Your Love’ and 'Give into Me' he shows a playful side to himself, others like ‘Parental Discretion is Advised’ and 'Where Do The Good Times Go' reveal that he won’t shy away from talking about sex, then there are those like ‘Victim of Circumstance’ and 'Genocide' that tackle important societal issues like discrimination. Titles like 'Scream' and ‘Promise Land’ show a confident artist that has paid his dues and will no longer accept to be ignored. And then there are those like 'The Motion' and 'Stand by You', that see him explore his darker sides, showing listeners the other extreme of his personality, as he opens up about his mental health.  And those are just a few of the many songs he’s released in this era of his career. There is a maturity and sureness in his craft now that was molded by perseverance

Stephen Voyce Singles

Soon he began to explore other aspects of creativity. He ventured into the realms of acting and filmmaking. In 2019 he landed a role in the series ‘The Bold Type’, and has since then been cast in various series and films and written and produced some himself.

Mixed Signals

In 2020 he took steps towards philanthropy; something that he’s always felt strongly about is being an agent for positive change. In a collaboration with UNICEF Canada he released s single, ‘What’s Going On?’, whereby all proceeds have gone towards their initiatives to help children around the world.

Cover Art by UNICEF Canada

In 2023 he released his 5th commercial album, 'The Emancipation of Eze', following it a few months later with an expanded version of it entitled 'The Emancipation of Eze: Royal Edition'. This body of work, whose theme reveals heavily around freedom, sees Stephen accept his place as a King of his craft.

Cover art by Oro Marzo

2023 was momentous for Stephen, a year of achievements and accolades, most notably having been presented Canada’s Notable Award for 2023’s Artist of the Year.

In 2024 he surprised his fans with a 6th studio album, ‘The Audio Shock Therapist’, an LP that was born initially from fear, fear of not being able to live up to his own successes, a fear that dissipated through self realization and gave way to something better, acceptance.

Cover art by Oro Marzo

With an ever growing following and fanbase, multiple awards and nominations, collaborations with artists around the world, this singer, songwriter, producer, actor, filmmaker, science geek continues to shatter even his own expectations for himself. He’s learned to find meaning in not just his successes but also his missteps as they’ve led him to the person he is today. Through his journey he hopes to spread a message of self empowerment, to remind the world that hope is always alive, that that fire never truly burns out.


Shot by Oro Marzo

“And so here we are, at the cusp of a new adventure. That old world meets its conclusion as this new one starts its bloom. That place that once held us now begins its drift, fading into a distant memory as this new story becomes ever more present. And I’m finally ready to embrace this change, but I remain grateful for that which came paved the way.” – Stephen Voyce