Scream by Stephen Voyce - Now Available

Stephen Voyce ushers in 2023 with a new boldness, one we've never quiet seen him embody, until now. 'Scream', his latest single, sees the singer dive into an edgier skin; and he wears it very well.

Scream by Stephen Voyce

Cover art by Oro Marzo

There's a vengeful spirit captured in his lyrics, an unapologetic fighter caught in the music. Voyce has a lot to say, and he isn't sugarcoating any of it.

It is clear that the single draws heavy inspiration from Michael and Janet Jackson's 1995 release of the same name. The artist has never been shy to say how much MJ influenced his creative journey.

Stephen co-produced this synth driven piece with frequent collaborator, Martin Dee:

"Martin understands my music in a way many can't. He helps me elevate my sound to places I may have not reached on my own." - Stephen Voyce

'Scream', which launched January 13th 2023, is now available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Amazon Music, Deezer, Boomplay, TIDALAnghami, Yandex Music, Pandora and other digital stores and platforms.

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