'The Audio Shock Therapist', by Stephen Voyce

2023 was a pretty big year for Stephen Voyce, he released his album 'The Emancipation of Eze' and followed it with an extended cut just a few months later, with both receiving acclaim and recognition.

When the new year rolled around, he found himself looking ahead, a blank metaphorical canvas in front of him, wondering... "What now?". The pressure to out do himself took a creative toll; he worried that he wouldn't be able to live up to his own benchmark. And so January progressed, with no new musical creations, just doubt.

In time he decided to let all of that just go, the fears, the worries, all of it. He gave himself the space to appreciate his accolades and accept the silence of the moment. And from that acceptance, a new spark was born, an idea took shape in his mind, a melody, words, thoughts and emotions, the beginnings of what would quickly turn into the first song he'd record for the year, 'Radio Vibes'. Little did he know, at the time, that this would set off a chain reaction, one that would eventually lead to an album, one he'd entitle 'The Audio Shock Therapist'.

Cover art by Oro Marzo

As he recorded and produced that first song, he felt himself return to form, like he'd been jolted back to life. All those worries faded and gave way to untethered creativity. From that realization, the title of the project was born. Music had shocked him back to his senses, music was his therapy, and so music is 'The Audio Shock Therapist'.

This LP is yet again a moment of his life captured in a bottle, spanning 18 songs, with guest appearances from talented artists around the world, including, in order of appearance: L.A.U. Verse, Paige Savill, Swift K.I.D., Kaki Singer, Claudia Lenti, Jako, Elisha Grey, LUCKY DINERO, T-David, NESO, Oro Marzo, Jess Abran, Laura Wizman and Kay L.

Cover art by Oro Marzo

'Radio Vibes', is the song that set this whole project in motion, and to commemorate its significance Stephen listed it as the first track of the album, telling the complicated story of the relationship he has with his more mainstream releases, in an ironically pop driven production. 

The track 'Serre-Moi' off of the album, is one he kept very close to him, with guest features by Oro Marzo, his life partner, who lends her voice to the haunting chorus, and NESO, his little sister, who laid down an emotionally powerful second verse on the down tempo mood.

With 'Hope', the final song off of the album, which features the wonderfully talented Claudia Lenti, Stephen speaks about the state of humanity, acknowledging the hardships we endure, the injustices we face, and yet through it all he remains hopeful that we will make it to better days. To contribute to that dream, he partnered with UNICEF Canada, once again, whereby all sales/streams revenue from that song will go to their initiatives.

Every song tells its own story, and still every song contributes to the greater narrative.

'The Audio Shock Therapist' launched on his birthday, June 4th 2024, on Spotify, Apple Music, and across other digital stores and platforms.