'The Emancipation of Eze', New Album by Stephen Voyce

Stephen swore off albums; his focus, as of late, had been on releasing singles, allowing each song the time it needed to breathe, to be appreciated. The shift to an ever increasing digital climate played a big role in that decision. And yet here we are, half way though 2023 with 'The Emancipation of Eze', an EP from the artist.

Cover Art by Oro Marzo

And so there is great significance to his decision to put out a 10-track project, despite himself, one that he describes as an expression of freedom in the acceptance of letting go, freedom in the acceptance of his frustrations, of his mental disposition. The title itself hints at that overarching theme.

The Canadian-Nigerian artist reveals, in the title, one of his Nigerian names, Eze, short for Ezechinyere. Eze translates from Igbo to English as King.

His 2023 singles 'Scream' and 'Time', open and close the album respectively; acting as anchor points. In many ways, they set the stage for the creation of this project, feeding his impulse to speak his mind further. Beyond those, the EP consists of primarily new music, with 'The Motion' and 'Promise Land' being previously released commercial tracks. Their inclusions add weight to the theme.

"Hearing 'Promise Land' and 'The Motion' in this body of work feels like a homecoming." - Stephen Voyce

Songs like 'Scream' and 'Prophet' show an unrelenting confidence, while tracks like 'Time' and 'Stand by You' reveal his emotional scars. It is that duality to his creativity that makes him honest and human.

Track List Art by Oro Marzo

All the new material for the EP was written, recorded and produced by Stephen within the span of two weeks. The entire process felt like, to him, a compulsion, a need that craved fulfilment; and so his attention was hyper focused.

'The Emancipation of Eze', which launched on June 30th 2023, is available across digital stored and platforms.