'The Emancipation of Eze: Royal Edition', Extended Album by Stephen Voyce

On June 30th 2023, Stephen Voyce released his EP, 'The Emancipation of Eze', a 10-track album that explored his perception of freedom in relation to his own experiences in the music industry and his exploration of his mental health. In his words:

"...reception to it was heartwarming; seeing people not just like the music but relate to it, in their own ways, gave me a new sense of confidence."

And that new sense of resolve sparked a new flux of creativity, one that drove him to expand on the EP with 7 new songs, effectively turning the album into an LP, one that he's titled 'The Emancipation of Eze: Royal Edition'

The Emancipation of Eze: Royal Edition by Stephen Voyce

Cover art by Oro Marzo

The added songs expand on the narrative while also showing Stephen truly embrace his sense of self. Where the first part showed a man running to his freedom, the new chapter shows a man having found his freedom and owning his place in his kingdom. 

Collaborations from the likes of Swift K.I.D, Täbï Yösha and Ato Worldwide plus  from Claudia Lenti and Lucky Dinero, who both return, give the project an added gravitas.

'The Emancipation of Eze: Royal Edition' launched on October 6th 2023 on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and across other digital stores and platforms