Time by Stephen Voyce feat. Claudia Lenti - Now Available

Following 'Scream', his debut 2023 release, Stephen Voyce's second outing of the year, 'Time', is one that reminds his listeners of his willingness to channel deep emotional themes through his music. 

Cover Art by Oro Marzo

Time is ever flowing; and that is what Voyce tackles in this latest release, a bitter-sweet reminder that the present is fleeting, no matter how hard you try to cling to it. There is an honesty in his delivery, one that shows a man reflecting on his life so far.

Stephen is accompanied by Claudia Lenti whose signature melodic rapper/singer flow yields an optimistic take on the subject, revealing necessary life lessons. Her sound, which she honed in her debut album 'City's on Fire', matches beautifully with Voyce's. 

Voyce's production shines through, fusing a cinematic landscape with pop undertones.

'Time', which launched April 28th 2023, is a available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Music, AmazonDeezer, Anghami, Boomplay, Yandex Music and other digital stores and platforms.

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